Communities and families connected.
The Andis Foundation is guided by a single principle: Building strong communities on the foundation of family.
-Matt K. Andis
President | Andis Company

Build strong families, develop thriving kids and foster a vibrant community

Four generations of generosity and values of the Andis family led us to create the Andis Foundation. We believe strong families, thriving kids and a vibrant community within which to live, yield prosperity. Guided by excellence, integrity and respect, the framework of our culture within Andis Company, the Foundation seeks to support these values and philosophies from its partners.

We seek expressions of the following beliefs from our grantees:

  1. We believe that kids thrive when education extends beyond the classroom with enrichment programs that help them grow in spirit, mind and body.
  2. We believe that families thrive with family-supporting jobs and that higher education can lead to family supporting-jobs.
  3. We believe that families thrive when family members have healthy relationships.
  4. We believe that communities thrive when charitable giving includes donors from all income levels.