Communities and families connected.
Focus Areas
The Andis Foundation was created to help build strong families and develop thriving kids, which we believe builds a more vibrant community. The information below outlines in greater detail our mission and who we intend to serve.
  1. We believe that kids thrive when education extends beyond the classroom with enrichment programs that help them grow in spirit, mind and body.
    1. Programs of interest are those that enhance learning toward becoming a well-rounded individual for the betterment of the community. Organizations that understand and focus on identified aspects of Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets age-based youth development frameworks will in part guide decisions by the Board. For reference:
      The Search Institute's 40 Developmental Assets For Adolescents Guide
      1. Youth development programs.
      2. Environmental or outdoor skills education programs.

  2. We believe that families thrive with family-supporting jobs and that higher education can lead to family supporting jobs.
    1. We provide scholarships to dependent children of Andis Company associates for college, university, technical or professional higher education.

  3. We believe that families thrive when family members have healthy relationships.
    1. We support organizations in the community that provide quality programs and events that help with healthy family relationships and parenting.
    2. We support programs assisting families affected by addiction and mental health issues.

  4. We believe that communities thrive when charitable giving includes donors from all income levels.
    1. The foundation supports programs that encourage broad community engagement and volunteerism, with a higher priority toward engaging young people and families.
    2. We provide a charitable matching program for associates of Andis Company in support of organizations that uphold our mission.

How Grants Work

Interested organizations which maintain a mission matching that of the Foundation, should remit a letter of intent indicating what is requested and why. The foundation will review it to determine if a full application is invited and contact prospective applicants. Receipt of all inquiries and applications will be acknowledged within one week via telephone or email. If invited, the application will be reviewed and the Foundation may request additional information. In some instances, site visits will be conducted. The Board of Directors will generally make a decision eight (8) weeks following the application deadline. Notification will be made by telephone and in writing. You may contact the foundation office for status.

Upon invitation from the Foundation, the applicant will remit a 1-3 page letter with the organization’s qualifications, current list of Board of Directors, total organizational budget, project budget if applicable, current Balance Sheet and Year to Date Income and Expense Statement and 501c3 letter from the IRS. Depending on the size of the grant, a grant agreement may be constructed.

Application deadlines for 2017 are April 26 and September 27.

Preferences, Priorities & Eligibility

  • Programs are a higher priority than general operations.
  • Only organizations recognized by the IRS as tax exempt, publically supported charities will be supported.
  • A bias toward community based organizations will exist.
  • Capital grants related to facilities will rarely be considered.
  • No grants or loans will be awarded to individuals.
  • Grants supporting Racine County are the highest priority, while grants impacting southeastern Wisconsin, Wisconsin and the United States will be considered in descending order.
  • Endowments will rarely be considered.
  • Funding for special events and fundraising events will only be provided for pre-selected organizations.

All grant decisions are made by the Board of the Andis Foundation. Scholarship recipients are selected by an independent selection committee. The board reserves the right to determine eligibility for all programs and may change the terms of a program, or end, at any time.