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Next Generation Scholarship Full Details and Instructions

Deadline 3/31 (Points will be deducted for late application submissions!)

Instructions: Type your answers into the form; certain fields will automatically expand to accommodate lengthier answers. Select the re-applicant form only if you have submitted a complete application in a prior year. The form can be signed electronically at the end by typing your name in the Signature field. Please check your answers carefully before submitting. Once the form has been submitted, the document will be locked and no further edits can be made. When submitting, your default email program will be used and other documents can be attached to the email message. Please call the Andis Foundation office at (262) 754-2799 with any questions.

The purpose of the Next Generation Leaders Scholarship Program is to assist the children of employees of Andis Company in financing their secondary or post-secondary education. Awards may be given to eligible persons who are pursuing a high school, or higher education (college, technical or professional school).


  1. Applicants must be dependent children of current qualified employees of Andis Company.

  2. A qualified employee is a part or full-time employee of the Andis Company who has rendered at least one year of continuous part or full time service to the Andis Company.

  3. The scholarship can only be used at an accredited Private or Choice High School, 2 year or 4 year Trade, Technical or Professional School, College or University. Priority will be given to undergraduate applications.

  4. Recipients must be accepted as a full-time student at a Private or Choice High School, or full or part-time student at a Trade, Technical or Professional School, College or University during the school year for which the scholarship is awarded.

  5. Scholarships can only be used to pay tuition.

  6. Applicants are not restricted to a specific course of study.

  7. High school recipients will be selected based on (a) school and community activities, (b) volunteer or work experience, and (c) character. Higher education recipients will be selected based on (a) seriousness of the area of study, (b) work experience, and (c) character.

  8. Applicants must submit this completed application, school transcript and video (see form question 17).

  9. As a general rule, the following persons, and members of the family of the following persons, are ineligible to apply: (a) substantial contributors to the Andis Foundation, Inc., (b) officers or directors of Andis Foundation, Inc. and (c) foundation managers of the Andis Foundation, Inc.

  10. IRS rules allow for only 25% of all applicants to be selected. Furthermore, IRS requires all selections of recipients be made by a committee with members independent of Andis Foundation and Andis Company.

Scholarship money will be payable to the recipient’s High School, Trade, Technical or Professional School, College or University on behalf of the student prior to the beginning of the school year. Recipients must provide the Andis Foundation, Inc. with the complete name and address of the Institution’s financial aid office.

Progress reports, including transcripts, will be obtained from the recipient and verified with the educational institution at the time of re-application or an annual report when not reapplying. The progress report must include the use of the scholarship funds and the progress that the recipient is making towards obtaining a degree. A recipient may reapply for the scholarship in subsequent years, competing with a new pool of applicants, provided the recipient is not on academic or disciplinary probation, is making satisfactory progress toward completion of a degree and is not delinquent in the submission of his or her progress reports to Andis Foundation, Inc. All recipients agree to sign any necessary authorizations for the release of their academic records to Andis Foundation, Inc.

The application is intended for use by all age levels; disregard questions not related to your circumstance.